Backstage Breakout:  You are members of an up-and-coming rock and roll band. While hanging out backstage before your biggest gig yet, you are surprised to find yourselves trapped in the dressing room.  The crowd is starting to get restless. If you can't escape in an hour, they just might riot! Best for groups of 5-9.

The Captain's Secrets:  An elderly sea captain has passed away, leaving behind a mysterious workshop.  Can you discover the secrets of his tumultuous early life and his great wealth? Best for groups of 4-6. CLOSING 12/31/18, if you haven’t played it yet now is your chance! 

Winter Wonderland: Your magical snowman friend has been stolen! Can you find everything you need to put him back together before it’s too late? Best for groups 0f 3-5, specifically designed to be extra kid friendly while still being challenging enough for adults. This room is going to have a short run of just a few months so come play it while you can! OPENING 12/2/18