Wait, what's a room escape game? 

Here's a pretty good summary.

How hard is it?

         Our rooms average about a 40% success rate.   Most of the teams that fail will at least come close.  There are a wide variety of challenges designed to give each team member a chance to shine, and no specific background knowledge or skills are required. 

Are we really going to be locked in?

Not really. For safety reasons you are not physically locked in. However, the room and the story that goes with it provide an immersive experience which you won't want to leave until your hour is up.

How old do participants have to be?

The Eureka Room was created with adult participants in mind.  It is open to players 16 and up.  Younger players are welcome as part of a team which includes a parent or guardian.

Can I do this with a smaller group?

Absolutely, although it will be more difficult. The cost is also subject to a per session minimum. 

Can I bring my business group?

Absolutely! If you are coming for team building purposes, let us know so that we can be sure to include a debriefing session at the end. This is a great opportunity for your team to practice working together in a new and exciting setting. 

Is it scary? 

Not particularly, though it is tense.  Nothing is going to jump out at you.

Can I study up in advance?

You can certainly try to work on your problem solving skills.  However, solving The Eureka Room is designed not to require any specific knowledge or trivia.